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5 Things You Should Definitely Know About Zaporizhzhia Book TolokaВідкриття ЗКТ 2015

#ZBT is an annual Book Festival in Zaporizhzhia. The idea to launch the event of such a format was born in the Assembly of Culture Activists of Zaporizhzhia, and was implemented by the NGO “Center for the Arts “Art-Space” and representatives of other partner organizations. The first Toloka was held on October, 16-18, 2015 at the exhibition center “Kozak Palace”. The festival was supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the German Consulate General, so it immediately gained an international status.

#ZBT is more than just a book fair. Toloka was held in the format of the three-day festival, which includes about 200 events for readers of all ages. Surely, the central one among them is a book fair with the participation of leading publishers across Ukraine. However, true book lovers may estimate various mini-locations within the festival. Here, non-stop meetings with writers, book presentations, poetry readings, autograph sessions, literary discussions and round tables are being held from morning to evening.Сашко Лірник на Книголіссі

#ZBT is not just for books. The first festival brought together around the book theme illustrations and poster exhibitions, musical performances and screenings of documentary films, theater performances, etc. Within Toloka a special creative space for kids was created – fairy “Knyholissia” with educational games, workshops and a branded reader marathon.

#ZBT never ends. It includes the three days of the festival in autumn as well as other events under the brand #ZBT throughout the year, including meetings with famous writers and artists, book presentations, literary workshops, photo exhibitions, film previews and, of course, amusing entertainment opportunities for young readers in the children’s space “Knyholisssa”.Сучасні українські автори на Книжковій толоці

#ZBT provides energy for the development. Toloka was born from our great dream to rethink our hometown, with the ambitious desire to prove everybody that modern Zaporizhzhia is worth taking its place on the cultural map of Ukraine. Sure enough, local residents are looking forward to cultural transformations. They are willingly to recreate themselves in the new society – educated, harmonious, tolerant and, therefore, happy. Each event within ZBT is designed to motivate the local community to self-improvement, to inspire social and cultural changes, encourage actions, after all – to charge the creative energy fully.

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